Varieties & Timeline

Some, but not all, of the Apples grown at Black Diamond Farm

In order of probable harvest

antique = Antique variety
When Variety Description
Late August   William’s Pride Nice tart flavor. Recently developed disease resistant apple. William's Pride apple
  Sansa Fantastic flavor, fairly new from Japan. Fresh eating, child of Gala. Sansa apple
antique Northfield Beauty From hills of Vermont around 1900. Nice tart flavor. Northfield Beauty apple
  Zestar Sprightly sweet-tart taste with hint of brown sugar. Juicy, crisp. New from Minnesota. Zestar apple
  antique Gravenstein From Denmark, 1669. Tart, seasonal.

Early September

  Autumn Crisp Very good eating, applesauce, slow to brown when cut. Autumn Crisp apple
  Gala Sweet, aromatic, crisp eating, salad apple from New Zealand. Nice size for kids lunches. Gala apple
antique Summer Rambo Nice, tart. crisp, very juicy. Good for eating and sauce. Orig. in 16th century France. Summer Rambo apple
antique Holstein Germany, early 1900’s. Seedling of Cox’s. Intense sweet/tart flavor. holstein apple
  Chestnut Crab Sweet little gems with exquisite flavor! Chestnut Crab appl
  Honeycrisp Explosively crisp and juicy; holds shape in baking.* Good for eating, salad, sauce, baking. Recent Minnesota release. honeycrisp apple
  Fuji Sweet, juicy, crisp.   For eating, salads, sauce.  Keeps well.
antique Court Pendu Plat Great sugar-acid balace. 1613.  Probably Roman. Court Pendu apple
  Pink Pearl A surprise awaits you!

Rich, sweet-tart flavor.

Pink Pearl apple


  Kidd’s Orange Excellent flavor, high quality New Zealand apple. Daughter of Cox’s Orange Pippin. Kidd's Orange apple
antique McIntosh Tart, juicy, good for eating, sauce. Breaks down quickly in cooking. Ontario,Canada, 1870. Not good for long storage. McIntosh apple
antique Egremont Russet Super delicious English russet. Good keeper. From 1880’s England. Egremont Russet apple
  Crimson Crisp Extremely crisp. Very good, rich flavor. Moderately acid, spicy. crimson crisp
antique Cox’s Orange Pippin Quintessential British apple. Complex flavors, great taste. Mid 1800’s, England. Cox's Orange Pippin apple
antique Karmijn de Sonnaville Cox offspring. Excellent flavor, gorgeous apple. Karmijn de Sonnaville apple
  Jonagold Superb taste! Sweet, aromatic, juicy, crisp. Great for eating, pies, sauce. Developed by Cornell. Jonagold apple
  Pixie Crunch Small, sweet, and juicy.  Breaking crispness.  Great for kids. New variety. Pixie crunch apple
antique Bramley’s Seedling Firm, juicy, tart. THE BEST for pies. From England, early 1800’s. Bramley's Seedling apple
antique Zabergau Reinette Intense sweet-sharp taste, mid 1800’s from Germany. By January, gets sweeter, quite nutty. Don’t we all get nutty by January? Zabergau Reinette apple
  Hosui Asian pear Juicy, sweet, fine grained.  12% sugar content. hosui asian pear


  Cortland Nice pie or salad apple. Non-browning when cut. cortland apple
  Liberty Good for eating, sauce, pies. Tart flavor intensifies in storage. Daughter of Macoun. Developed by Cornell. Liberty apple
  Empire Parents are McIntosh and Red Delicious. Better than either of them. Empire apple
  Red Spy Tart, aromatic, firm. All purpose. Keeps until March. About 1800, New York State. Red Spy apple
  Macoun Mildly tart. Aromatic, fine grained. Eating, salads. Short storage life. Macoun apple

(Previously NY 1)

“Monster Crunch”

Honeycrisp seedling developed by Cornell. Crisp and sweet.


Early October

antique Margil (Reinette Musquee) Little golden nuggets, sweet and nutty. 1750’s from France. Margil apple
antique Ashmeads Kernel Crisp, sugary, juicy, aromatic. Good keeper. Early 1700’s, England. Ashmeads apple
  Hudsons Golden Gem Sugary, juicy, crisp, somewhat nutty. Excellent for dessert. Keeps well. Hudsons golden gem apple
  Thornberry Raspberry pink flesh.  Sprightly, refreshing.  Came to us by accident! Thornberry apple
antique Esopus Spitzenberg Sweet and fruity, with tingling tartness. Keeps well, holds shape in baking. Said to be Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple. Esopus Spitzenberg apple
antique Blue Pearmain Delicate, aromatic quality in December. The fruit is covered in blue “bloom”. From US, early 1800’s. Blue Pearmain apple
  Chojuro Asian pear White flesh crisp like apple.  I call it the “butterscotch” pear. chojuro asian pear
Mid October  


Crunchy, spicy, tart Japanese apple. Distinctive flavor. Good for eating, dessert, processing. Top choice for pies. Applesauce award winner. Mutsu Crispin apple
  Keepsake Mother of Honeycrisp. Great taste, very crunchy apple from Minnesota. Keeps well in winter. Keepsake apple
  Suncrisp Cox Orange offspring. Crisp, crunchy, unique flavor.  Really good storage. Keepsake apple
  Querina Developed in France. Parents Golden Delicious /Jonathan.  Firm and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor. Parents Golden Delicious /Jonathan.
  Winecrisp Firm, outstanding fruit flavor, good storage.  
antique Poundsweet Huge, very sweet, great for baking.  Connecticut, 1834. poundsweet apple
antique Golden Pippin Juicy, melting flesh.  Cooking, dessert.  USA, around 1800. golden pippin apple
antique Northern Spy Tart, aromatic, crisp, juicy.  Great for pies, eating.  NY state, about 1800.
antique Roxbury Russet Crunchy, tart, good for eating, pies. Early 1600’s, Roxbury, MA. Very popular russeted apple of NY and New England. Roxbury Russet apple
(previously NY 2)
“Cool, crisp, craveable”

Braeburn seedling developed by Cornell.  Crisp and complex.

Late October antique Golden Russet Old New York apple from 1850’s. Great taste, honey nutlike flavor. Makes heavenly cider. Golden Russet apple
antique Calville Blanc d’Hiver France, 1598. Very tart at picking, mellows to rich, complex taste. Holds shape, slow to brown, great for tarts. More Vitamin C than an orange! Calville Blanc d'Hiver apple
antique Lady Traditional Christmas apple. Very small, used a lot for decorations, but also great fragrance and flavor.  Do not peel.  Grown in King Louis XIII garden in France, 1628, but dates back to Roman times. lady apple
antique Black Oxford Deep-purple, almost black. Excellent eating and cooking. Makes great cider. black oxford apple
antique Newtown Pippin Rich, aromatic, crisp; refreshing piney tartness. Great keeper. Long Island, 1700’s. newtown pippin apple
antique Baldwin (Woodpecker) Crunchy, tart. Eat,sauce, pie. Extremely popular Baldwin woodpecker apple
  GoldRush Superb taste. “Strong tart flavor that reaches full sweet-tart balance 1 to 2 months after picking and holds crispness in storage for 6 months.” Goldrush apple
antique Arkansas Black Hard, crisp, dessert and keeping apple. Most beautiful deep purple color when mature. Arkansas, 1870. Arkansas Black apple
antique Winesap Aromatic fragrance and rich, spicy flavor. Orig. around 1817. winesap apple
    Olympic Asian pear Korean pear.  Firm, cirsp, juicy, sweet. olympic asian pear

Thanks to Frank Browning’s , Apples, North Point Press, 1998 for some of these descriptions.